Soundtrack for YuGiOh movie version will be released

Today on May 11th the original soundtrack of YuGiOh movie version, THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS will be released which I mentioned on this blog.

Almost songs are written by famous Mr. Yorihiro Ike. I wrote a new song and arranged ‘God’s anger (Kami-no-Ikari)’ written by Ms. Nobuyoshi Mitumine and very popular on TV version. As a result, a new song was arranged for 3 versions and ‘God’s anger’ has two version so 5 songs were on this album. …very urgently I was joining to the project but more songs than I expected.

The truth is, I should say ‘of course’, already I have received the NFR sample version. The picture of this blog article’s eye-catch is it. I really would like to appreciate all related persons.

On the back side of the CD, my name is credited. Great experience!


I took this picture without unpacking so you can see he seal saying ‘sample version’ in Japanese. And my name is credited in the center of the bottom. Great to see.

スクリーンショット 2016-05-11 00.14.00

Looking for internet about this topic, anyway the arrange of ‘God’s anger’ is very welcomed and in applause. Many fans of TV version who loves soundtrack and listen so frequently also gives their applause to this arranged version. I highly appreciate. Usually when somebody arranges very popular song, listeners don’t like and do say ‘different from original!’ but this time so many people praises so hot. Again this is my great pleasure.

Basically I arranged very faithfully with the original version but changed instruments to sound more gorgeous. In addition, original song sounded to involve choirs in background so I added very gorgeous choirs (classical style, many vocalists). This must be the reason. Yeah, my arrangement always sounds too big… This time this went good. Very glad for this result.

So, ladies and gentlemen, soundtrack will be released. I joined to the project a little bit, but I’m glad. Such report.

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