Electric Guitars

'68 Gibson SG

1968 Gibson SG Lefty. The color is Walnut, next to famous to Cherry. No modification and nearly original.

'68 Fender Telecaster

1968 Fender Telecaster Lefty. Very popular Blonde color. No modification and nearly original.

'72 Gibson ES-335

1972 Gibson ES-335 Lefty. The neck is exchanged to 70’s right hand one and around the jack connector was broken and reinforced. I ordered to reinforce it again and to add neck binding on opposite side.

'93 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard Lefty. Most popular Cherry Sunburst color. Both of Front/Rear pick-up was changed to Tom Holms H453. Many circuit components and bridge was changed.

'05 Fender USA Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster Closet Classic

2005 Fender Custome Shop Team Builder’s Stratocaster Lefty. 1963 reissue. After purchasing no modification and as is.

'93 Fender USA Custom Shop Stratocaster

1993 Fender Custom Shop Team Builder’s Blacky. Usually called as ‘Eric Clapton model’ but Pick-ups are Fender Texas Special and sounding more like contemporary. Neck is thick.

'09 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1958LP-Jr D.C Left Hand "VOS"/TV

2009 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Junior. Very standard TV Yellow color. No modification and as is.

'90's Valley Arts

1990’s Valley Arts. Adopting Warmth neck and if I’m correct, made in Japan. In audioworkshop, this is the only one electric guitar equipped active pick-up, EMG ’85 and SA. No noise and wide range. Equipped Floyd Rose as well so I use this for heavy rock solo and backing.

'06 Crews Maniac Sound AB's 7

AB’s 7, Custom Ordered at Hoochies managed by Crews Maniac. Only one 7 strings guitar in audioworkshop. Basically just make opposite the design reversed for lefty and Floyd Rose is still for right hand. Color was ordered. Minimum request. Dimarzio pick-up is mounted.

'90's Tom Anderson Stratocaster built by Farm

Custom built Stratocaster ordered in Moon guitar’s worskhop, ‘Farm’ in early 1990s. The body and neck was delivered from Tom Anderson. Originally Bartorlini and Tom Anderson’s active pick-up was equipped but now exchanged to Dimarzio Super Distortion/Chopper/Super Distortion by me.


Acoustic Guitar

'77 Guild D-35L

1997 Guild D-35 Lefty. No modification and used as is.

'74 Martin D12-20L

1974 Martin D-12-20L. Very rare Mid 70’s Martin 12 strings acoustic guitar. Sounds different from the latest 12 strings guitar. But difficult to play and now I plan to order maintenance for this guitar.

Martin D-35L

2000’s Martin D-35L. Well balanced sounding ‘magic’ acoustic guitar which can balance each string like process via compressor. Any genre is possible to play. This is Martin.

'99 Gibson L-00

1999 Gibson L-00. Only one NON dreadnought model. Small size like 00, easy to play.

K. Yairi CE-1L

K. Yairi’s Nylon strings guitar. It has cutaway but no pick-up. Absolutely acoustic model. Very good sounding and I like this nylon strings guitar.

Greek Bouzouki

Greek Bouzouki. In Israeli Bouzouki workshop I purchased this because it sounded the best. The workshop revered all strings for Lefty. This delivers exotic sound which is necessary for world music. Combination with this and Martin D12-20L is the strongest weapon to get exotic sound.


'76 Fender Precision Bass

Fender Precision Bass Lefty. When purchasing this bass guitar, shop was not sure when it was built. Their expectation is made in 1976. And the color is changed and not sure Blonde or Olympic White. I guess this is Olympic White. Because this is 70’s Precision Bass, the low frequency on the bottom is strong. Bridge was already changed and it has faster attack than usual Precision Bass. Of course this is Passive pick-up model.

Fender USA '76-'77 Telecaster Bass

Telecaster Bass. This is also not sure when it was built. Expected to have built in 1976 or 1977. Natural color Lefty. This is different from 50’s Telecaster Bass which is very famous for Sting’s play, only one hum-bucker pick-up which Fender loved in 70’s on front position. Very strange spec. Comparing with my same age Precision Bass, apparently the volume is big and less attack. Different from my impression, Very good playability.

Crews Maniac Sound Be Bottom '21L

Crews Maniac Sound’s Jazz Bass styled 5 strings Bass Guitar. No modification. It can change between passive and active pick-up. Even on passive mode, it playback higher frequency than usual Jazz Bass. Well balanced ‘contemporary sound’.

Shecter Guitar Research Fretless Jazz Bass

Schecter’s Jazz Bass styled fretless bass. Not sure when it was built. EMG’s active pick-up is equipped but honestly I would like to replace with passive pick-ups. Metal nut as well. But when connecting with Ampeg B-15N, very low noise but the sound is good so still no plan to replace.



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#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ
#japanesesakura #sakura #meguro #meguroriver #cherryblossom #tokyo #2022 #桜 #目黒川 #サクラ