(Late Report) On Aug 30th, 2018, I joined to the Charity Live for West Japan Torrent Disaster, ‘For You’

Sorry to late to report again.

Last year 5 days later since Aug 25th, I joined to the charity live for West Japan Torrent Disaster, ‘For You’ produced by Nami Nakagawa, the artist born in Uwajima.  The artists went along with the idea of charity were below:

I joined to Nami’s turn with acoustic guitar. I enjoyed to play with her who performs with her very excellent singing in famous games such as Tales Of… series and Goh Shina’s songs. Many difficult songs but probably I didn’t make critical mistake and finished the performance.

‘Hitori-ja-Nai (Not Alone) was performed which comes from Charity CD for West Japan Torrent Disaster, ‘AI (Love)’ produced by Nami.

The reason why I joined to the event was, after Disaster, Nami asked somebody’s help to support Uwajima and I saw uploaded disaster-hit region photos on facebook and I agreed. When Great East Japan Earthquake happened, I couldn’t do anything except for watching TV news and it was my regret. So this time I agreed to support immediately.

In the show, Nami and Karen, who was the artist also born in Uwajima, talked with mayor in Uwajima city via phone at the venue and audience listened to the conversation. As same as the photos which Nami uploaded on facebook, the person’s words who is in charge of regional administration where suffers damage sounded very serious. Reconstruction is still on the way and Uwajima has so many fold of hills and difficult to make big progress. Still continuous support is necessary and we could share the information together.

Last song was ‘Okaeri (Welcome Back)’ produced by ‘Okaeri-Project‘ managed by the artists born in Uwajima. We performed it and the show was ended.

And sorry to keep you waiting. Here’re the live photos. I don’t upload the one which artist didn’t approve. Enjoy.

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