(Late Report) On Aug 25th, 2018 I joined to the live event called ‘Omigawa-Chiaki no Oyugi-Kai’ the third.

Very sorry to late to report. Chiaki Omigawa is photogenic as usual.

Last year on Aug 25th, ‘Omigawa Chiaki no Oyugi-kai’ (Chiaki Omigawa’s play event) The Third was held and I joined with the pianist, Aruhi/Ayaka Hara. This time with acoustic guitar as usual. Thanks for all persons working for this event!

This time more musical songs than ever and two songs were from musical. When I see Chiaki singing such songs, I really understand she comes from musical. She performed the best with musical songs. She changes her grooves and tempos according to the reaction from audience or her own feeling. Singing very cute then suddenly powerful voice. Usually singers don’t do like this. It’s pretty difficult to follow her with acoustic guitar. It’s necessary to concentrate to play so much and different from playing with karaoke. But it’s always very fantastic experience.

This time Aruhi delivered the new song and she requested me to play like ‘Kanda-gawa (The River Kanda)’ so I played Japanese folk-music style arpeggio continuously. Big reaction came. It’s entertainment.

I was fixing my eyes on scores.

As same as usual, she hold fan service time called ‘break-time’. This time the photographer, Hirokazu Takahashi was absent so the staff and I took pictures. I’m impressed that Chiaki is photogenic as always when taking pictures. Aruhi is also beautiful. sitting aside of them, I always wonder if it’s really ok that I sit by them.

Audience members are same. Still they are very warm even with me. I never feel I’m away. I always appreciate so much.

Finally, enjoy pictures. In next page, there’re many special pictures of Chiaki and Aruhi.

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