It is important for background music to manage listener or player’s emotion according to the direction. When feeling sad, sad songs are necessary. When feeling happy, happy songs are. In addition, consistent tonality through the content is also important. Even if each songs were great but inconsistent with each other, we cannot say the sound direction is correct. Based on the experience in charge of so many projects as a sound director for long years, I discuss with clients and find out the correct direction.


Since I started my career in Namco Limited., I’ve been paying consistent attention to the song quality. From music instruments, virtual instruments to mics, head-amps for recordings and audio processors for mixing/mastering, I choose the best one for the song and work with the monitoring system which has as same quality as music production or music studio. Acoustic is relatively good, less reflection and reverb so I can say it is dead enough. It means I can deliver all songs with the quality which you can approve as the final master.


We often have trade-off relation between quality and efficiency. In audioworkshop, not only to paying attention to the quality but also to balance quality and efficiency, I play music instruments only for the necessary part of the song. If virtual instruments are good enough or better, I use them. This contributes to save time but quality can be maintained as much as possible so I can deliver songs according to the schedule. With this way, I did deliver without big delay in the past works which had very tight schedule.


Basically I write songs according to your request. Especially for background music such as game or animation, I’m good at writing songs with blending orchestra and rock instruments or Hollywood style, percussive orchestration. In addition, straight-forward rock style music such as Guitar Jam and Air Combat 22 or contemporary pop music is also possible to support. Sometimes rock music as BGM sounds like artificial and smells like ‘computer’ but I play necessary part as much as possible and can deliver the ‘real acoustic sound’. In opposite, I wrote more ‘computer music’ style songs as well. So you can choose whatever you want.


The reason why I play acoustic instruments, not only keyboards but string instruments and small percussions is the ‘acoustic feeling’ contributes to the very important role in songs. For example, when we say ‘play with electric guitar’, play-style must be changed if the sound tone is clean, crunch or heavy distorted. It depends on the sound tone. Or it differs when the song is 8 beat, 16beat or freer style. In audioworkshop, I have a lot of accumulation of know-how so I can color versatile songs with correct play-style and sound tone.