Amps & Cabinets

'52-'53 Fender Wide Panel TweedDelux

Fender Deluxe Amp manufactured between 1952 and 1953 with TV Front circuit. Very rare spec amp. Once no sound playback trouble happened and repaired but it was just minimum maintenance and speaker and transducer is still the original one. Not like Narrow Panel one but still very ‘Tweed Deluxe’ sound. In audioworkshop, the combination with Maxon OD-808 is the best.

'63 Vox AC-30

Vox AC-30 made in 1963 (or 1964). No Top-Boost modification. Very near to the original. Especially when playing with clean tone, high frequency is very sensitive and compressed sound is very comfortable. If the guitar and play style is correct, it can reproduce the Beatles’ ‘That Sound’. Recently I found out this amp can sound like old Marshall and other British excellent loud amps when combining with Fulltone Tape Echo (just used as pre-amp) + British Pedal Co. Tone Bender mk1 so now I use this amp more than ever.

'61-'62 Fender White Tolex Twin Amp

Fender Twin Amp with White Tolex made between 1961 and 1962. Since 2000 years I owned this amp with my friend but recently it is in audioworkshop studio again. The sound is really like White/Brown Tolex term’s Fender sound. Not so dry like Twin but not so crispy like Black Tolex. The combo amp sound with 12 inches x 2 open back. Enough power.

'59 Fender Narrow Panel Tremolux Amp

I don’t remember exactly but this Fender Tremolux, Narrow Panel model was made in 1959. My friend and I purchased before 2000 years and recently it is in audioworkshop studio again. Now maintenance is necessary and not available. Bigger cabinet than Deluxe Amp so enough power it has and this is Narrow Panel morel so it’s easy to get great crunch sound without overdrive.

Mesa Boogie Road King

4 channels amp. It is possible to change power tube and to choose pre-amp profile from 3 profiles. All analog circuits, monster amp head which can change the sound at all, immediately, with pedal control and it looks like modeling amp. For heavy rock sound, I use this amp mostly.

Soldano Hot Rod 100

Soldano is very famous for Marshall modification. Hot Rod 100 is one of their unique products. Different from the most famous SLO-100, this has only 2 channels and sounds more granular than SLO-100 and more like Marshall. As same as other Soldano amps, the density of mid-range is really great. I had bought it for Namco and got it from Bandai Namco later on leaving Bandai Namco.

buzz feiten design Ultralight 212S Cabinet

Now Buzz Feiton System which Buzz Feiton established is famous for her tuning system but in early days they built speaker cabinet. This is the on. Closed cabinet which has 12 inches x 2, one is Vintage 30 and another one is Greenback. One is attached from the front and another one is attached from the back side. Very elaborate design. Shallow depth and mainly designed for recording. So I use this with Road King and Hot Rod 100 for heavy rock sound recording. This also came from Bandai Namco.

Tone Tubby 112 w/Hexacone SP

This is Tone Tubby’s 12 inch x 1 speaker cabinet with Tone Tubby’s original Hexacone material speaker driver. Open back system. The frequency response is not like Celestion, more like Alnico magnet, Jensen sound and it has more very high frequency. This is Open Back system speaker cabinet, so the low frequency is also stronger than Buzz Feiton 212S. Mostly I use this with Road King, clean/crunch channel as clean sound or with Hot Rod 100 as overdrive sound.

Ampeg ’66 B-15N⁣

Very famous for James Jamerson’s usage. This is Ampeg B-15N which was the standard in ’60s to ’70s studio industry. This unit was made in ’66. Very smooth and sweet sound, less treble but I can get very comfortable bass sound and it’s very important for my recording. Recently I mix this with DI rec sound many times.