Recording Equipments

Pictures and comments of recording/editing equipments in audioworkshop studio. With these equipments as same quality as professional recording studio, I pursue quality.


Currently software is the must for the contemporary music production process. These are what I use mainly. From recording and editing software to virtual instruments and audio processors. I use so many.

Keys & Synths

Keyboards and sound modules from MIDI controller which is necessary to play virtual instruments to very vintage synthesizer. These are in the center of music production at audioworkshop.

Guitars & Basses

I’m a guitarist as well and lefty player so I have spent so long time to get very rare, lefty vintage guitars and basses. If you have interests, you can see in this page.

Amps & Cabinets

Guitar and Bass amplifiers from 50’s to 60’s vintage combo amps to the latest hi-gain amps. I can get the guitar and bass sound what I need for the songs immediately to have amps with different sound and taste. Still these analog sounds are impossible to get with modeling software. If you have interests, you can see these in this page.

Stomp Boxes

Stomp box is a device usually called as ‘compact effector’ in Japan. I collected from rare, vintage stomp boxes to the latest DSP stomp boxes. I change the devices if the music or play style is different and provide the sound which clients desires and modeling software still cannot reach to.