I wrote several songs for YuGiOh The Movie, THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS

Really some songs. Not many. The main composer is of course Mr. Yorihiro Ike but I was asked to join to the project and wrote a new song and arranged a song written by Mr. Nobuyoshi Mitsumine for TV version. Each has 3 versions so I wrote 6 songs totally. All are kind of orchestral arrangement.

I joined really in the end of the project a bit so was not sure if I should write about this or not, but when I watched the movie in the preview event, all songs were used unexpectedly in so many scenes, so I decided to write about this.

This is the entrance of the venue for the preview event.

2016-04-07 15.40.47

The producer came to me and gave his greeting before opening. Maybe it was so hard to finish the movie without our little help…

The movie itself is very much like YuGiOh style, not for children but for adults. The direction is as same as after YuGiOh going to serious story.

And on the top page of the website, my name is there! Glad to see it. And also credited in the ending staff roll. I just helped a bit…sorry.


The songs were used in the very important scenes so many times and I was very surprised. And I heard a rumor about this soundtrack release and I may be able to announce about that later.

It’s been a while since last animation related job and it was my pleasure to have joined this background music production for animation. Thanks for all related persons.

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