Satomi Arai’s commentary video for ‘Friday Night Show’ mentioning for each song is available!

Hi guys, I uploaded Satomi Arai’s commentary video on which Satomi mentioning about her first music CD ‘Friday Night Show’ to YouTube. Enjoy.

Video consists of two. One is Satomi’s comment about overview of the album. On another one she commented for each song.

Actually this is my FIRST edited video using Final Cut Pro X so maybe not good enough, but I believe Satomi is very photogenic and for guys there’s no problem. I purchase Final Cut Pro X and watched English learning video and learned more about YouTube related knowledge to buy Kindle books. Oh man, looks like the current young people.

You can hear each song behind Satomi’s commentary with small volume so you can be sure what kind of the songs she sang.

BTW, she is very good at improvising talk as well. In front of video camera, she talked like that. Almost commentary is not cut out! Incredibly great.

I’d like to have a report in the production point of view on this blog. And PV. It must be difficult but…

OK. One more picture. This was used for the song named ‘Fallin’…’ in the video. Satomi looks so cool!!


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