Born in Osaka, Japan in 1967

Because my mother was a piano teacher, since 5 years old, I learned to play the piano. After my parents purchased Sansui (!) stereo equipment system, I’ve been listening to the classic records and FM radio and impressed with Billboard rock and popular hit music.

Since 14 years old, I started to play the guitar by myself and to write songs. On those days I listened to the Classic Rock such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and was devoted to 60’s and 70’s standard rock and pops.

When I was an high-school student, I started to record my own songs. In those days multi-track recorder (Yes, analog tape!) was very expensive, so I used two cassette-decks as recorders and guitar practice device as a mixer and tried to ping-pong record. To play my songs, I started to play the bass as well and drum programming with Roland TR-505.

After the admission to Keio-University, faculty of economics, I joined to the group called ‘Crossover Society’ in the university. I joined so many bands and sessions and played the guitar, the keyboard, and sang song. During these years I started to learn Jazz music and to use MIDI sequencer for my songs. Around in 1990 I purchased Macintosh Classic and used MOTU Performer 3.x and Passport Design Alchemy.

In 1993, I joined Namco Limited as a sound designer. I was in charge of overall audio contents production such as sound effects production, dialog recording and music production. Of course as a sound director, I was a project member who had decision making for sound direction. In parallel, I was in charge of adviser job in the company for the development tool evaluation. In those days I was involved in the project to introduce Pro Tools which was not so popular in those days (ProTools II + TDM options).

In 2006, I left Namco Bandai Games and joined Monaca and worked as a composer/arranger.

In 2010, I left Monaca and now I’m working as a freelance composer/arranger.

In 2015, I joined Satomi Arai’s birthday event and played the guitar.

In 2017, I joined Chiaki Omigawa’s ‘Oyugi-Kai’ event and played the guitar.