I will join to the charity concert ‘for you’ for The torrential rain disaster in West Japan

Following is another announcement.

By the torrential rain disaster in West Japan many people were damaged in the last month. Still restoration work has been continuing and I hear there’re so many places where we cannot say they regain their composure.

In this situation, singer, voice actress, Nami Nakagawa, who is one of my friends and was born in Uwajima which was damaged by this disaster so seriously, decided to have a charity concert. I agree with the purpose and ask my participation and she was welcome so I will join to this charity event.

Event Name: for you
Date & Time: August 30th, 2018 18:30 open 19:00 start
Venue: Ocha-no-Mizu KAKADO, Yushima 1-7-16, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Tel. 03-3818-2220. Japanese only)
Ticket Fee: 3,000JPY + 1drink
How to Reserve: From the QR code involving with the picture on the top of this article, or, please e-mail to info@nakagawanami.com.

Probably I will play the guitar behind Nami but many excellent artists will perform as well. If you want to watch the live, or you agree with the purpose, please join.

BTW, I wrote one song for this charity concert. I hope we will perform this song in the concert and hope you will be happy.