I will be on stage for ‘Chiaki Omigawa’s Oyugi-Kai The Third’

It may be too late…

First of all, already Chiaki informed this event on April 20th and I was booked before that. As usual, ticket was immediately sold out, so I don’t need to announce in advance. As a result, in August, I informed this as my News.

Again I will play the acoustic guitar. I will be concentrating on following song scores, please let me alone on the stage.

Chiaki Omigawa’s Oyugi-kai Vol.3 (Sold Out)
Date & Time: August 25th, 2018, 10:30 open, 11:00 start

Venue: Shin-Daita Crossing, Tokyo, Japan
Ticket: 3,800JPY
Drink fee: 500JPY

Guys getting your tickets, see you at the venue.

That’s all. The last one is another picture Chiaki gave. Enjoy.




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