Chiaki Omigawa’s single released song, “Promise for Some Day” was available on Feb 18th, 2018

“Ituska-no-Yakusoku” (Promise for some day) is the song which I wrote and Chiaki Omigawa, a famous voice actress sang in her personal live event called ‘Oyugi-Kai’ . The original, live version was a simple song only with an acoustic piano and an guitar but arranged dramatically for this single release. It’s my pleasure if you enjoy the song with Chiaki’s very wonderful vocal.

Her management office’s announcement is below. (Only in Japanese)

声優事務所 クロコダイル
声優事務所 クロコダイル

Later on I will tell you about the background story of the music production. This is advanced announcement.

I updated ‘Production’ page on this blog. This time I intended to design the update will be easy for discography on ‘WORKS’ after the site renewal.