After a long interval I will sing with my old friends’ band on stage

In private. Not a job. On upcoming Sep 9th.

A quarter of a century and more years ago, I was a student but not a good one and didn’t attend to the lectures and focused on my band life. Yes, very bad student. After being graduated with necessary credits, I started to work and have been busy in namco (EX.), and I didn’t have any contact with almost university friends and of course didn’t play in bands so much.

Recently one of my bandmates contacted with me and I met with the bandmates and we agreed to have a live event together. In those days I was a leader, singer of very maniac soul band and the name was straight ahead, ‘Nakamura Soul Band’. The member was guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and in addition, I asked my classmates who played in Keio Light Music Orchestra, very famous big band jazz organization in Keio University to play with my band as horn section. So the band was big size and covered very maniac soul music. Yeah, it was reckless.
This time, no horn section but all of the members in those days coming and I will sing my favorite soul music after a quarter of a century! And almost songs are the one I sang in those days. Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder and so on… in the live event you will be able to listen to very rare songs which usually soul cover band doesn’t play. (But I join to the event as a special guest so just 5 songs)
We’re welcome to crazy guys who are OK to join to this event. I hope to meet with you in the event!

888 (Hachimitsu) Returned Live (I will join as a special guest)
Date & Time: Sep. 9th, 2018 11:30 open 12:00 start
Venue: MAPLE HOUSE Gohongi 3-18-7, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Tel. 03-6272-5282 (Japanese only)
Admission: 1,500JPY (with one free drink. R15 and youngers, no charge but no free drink)